With the times : modernized production

Виробництво Агата

The twenty-first century: scientific and technological progress is so rapid that people do not have time to dream and fantasize about race to him. People have learned to fly, talk thousands of kilometers away, travel long distances in a matter of minutes … And our enterprise does not stand aside from this process. In 2016, we purchased modern equipment and modernized the process of manufacturing doors. The new technology speeds up production processes, facilitates physical labor, and improves the product itself.

The updated model range of doors assumes that people with different financial oportunities will be able to buy quality and reliable doors without a significant “blow” on the wallet. A variety of decorating options: a wide palette of colors, about 100 patterns, various glass units, stained-glass windows, forged items – all this is provided for both budget and elite doors.

Here you will find technical doors, doors to entrances, apartments, private houses, shops, catering establishments. Visit our company store “Agata-Bud” on street. S. Bandery 33 and get reliable doors.

Pay your attention to the model “Technical doors”. Doors designed to effectively protect the premises from fire. They have excellent strength to physical and chemical damage, good heat and sound insulation, high resistance to corrosion. They are installed in special purpose premises, entrances, industrial buildings, public institutions, business centers etc.

We represent the model “Malakhit” (* novelty). These are metal shock-proof doors, have excellent heat and sound insulation thanks to the 68-mm thick door leaf filled with French-made mineral wool. Good price and good quality are harmoniously combined in this model.

To your attention the model “Ametyst” (* novelty). Metal doors designed to protect the premises from burglary and unauthorized intrusion. Good heat and sound insulation is guaranteed by a 78 mm door leaf filled with mineral wool. Having bought such doors, you will get excellent quality for a reasonable price.

We present the model “Sapfir” (* novelty). The highlight of the interior will be premium-class doors, harmoniously complemented by designer forks, handmade stained-glass windows, double-glazed windows and portals. The 92 mm door leaf, 4 stiffeners and 1.5 mm steel sheet provide reliable protection from burglary and good heat and sound insulation.

To your attention the model “Rubin”. High technical characteristics (steel sheet 1,5 mm, 5 ribs, 72 mm door leaf) guarantee 100% heat preservation and reliable protection against burglary. Luxury-class doors are decorated with designer handmade forks and stained-glass windows, portals and double-glazed windows, emphasizing the individual style of the house.