Fire door

FIRE door

Frame type: seamless U profile
Frame width: 82 mm
Frame metal thickness: 1.2 mm
Contours of the seal: 2 - Stomil Sanok (+ Ograx)
Leaf width: 62 mm
The leaf thickness of the metal: 1.2 mm / 1 mm
Insulation of the leaf: mineral wool
Stiffening plates: 3 pcs.
Deadbolts: 2 pcs.
The lower mechanism : Iseo
Lock core*: 30x50 key/key;
Hinges: 2 pcs., diameter 21 mm
Handle*: fireproof Iseo (on the bar)
Peephole *: —
Frame coating: powder paint
Leaf coating: powder paint

Additional options

Glass unit: —
Forgings: —
Stainless sill plate: +
Platband: +
Panic hardware: +

* The manufacturer reserves the right to replace accessories with a similar one in class without warning the customer

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