Help for our guards

What’s happening in the East of the country simply can not leave any Ukrainian  resident. We, like all worthy patriots of our state, could not stand aside all these tragic events and consider it our duty to help fighters in the forefront.

Therefore AGATASTAL was no exception and joined volunteers. We try our best to help ATO participants and encourage everyone to stay indifferent.

First of all, we have developed and made special protective bastions, which include low carbon wire, as well as geotextiles. This material is a non-woven product made of thermally bonded polypropylene or polyester fibers, with the addition of mixed fibers of semi-wool or cotton yarns.
Properties of the material geotextiles explain its moisture content, as well as strength to various chemical compounds, it is not subject to rotting, mold-forming, resistant to the environment; can withstand large loads and act as a reinforcing material, practically not deforming. In one section of the bastion there are 1.5 cubic meters of land. They are able to protect the position of our fighters and protect them from hostile attacks by the aggressor. Before we send the bastions to the East, we tested this product for durability. The result was impeccable!


– the size 1050х1050х1500 mm;

– weight 16.5 kg.

Also, one of the types of products for ATO, which we have made, steel and metal burners, or as they are called – mini stoves. Their main purpose is to allow soldiers in the ATO zone to heat food, or to prepare their own hot drinks, as well as simply boil water. Includes lighter, dry alcohol and cover. Thanks to its small sizes, the set has turned out to be comfortable and compact enough. The mini oven quickly decomposes and is fixed in any convenient position with screw clamps. This product is durable. And due to the dry alcohol from the burner there is no smoke that will help the soldiers to remain invisible to the enemy. Maximum boiling time in a metal mug is 10 minutes.

– size 135х96х25 mm;
– thickness of metal 1 mm;
– weight 700 gr.

Also, we have not left a problem that is now no less relevant for boys on the front line – it’s cold. Therefore, our specialists have developed a constructive design and made a field oven, the so-called “Burguyka”. It is a multifunction device that can be used both in the street and indoors. Due to the high chimney – 2.7 m, they can be used in tents. The ovens well heat the premises, also designed for cooking and drying clothes and shoes.

– the size 450х500х250 mm;
– thickness of metal 3 mm;
– Weight 30 kg.

It is a great honor for us to know and understand what we have done, helped and maybe saved someone’s life. This is just a small splash in our army, so it’s important that everyone joins such a job. Let everyone do something useful for the army and the state as a whole. Unity and coherence are here that will help Ukraine achieve peace and prosperity. We all need to understand that those who remain in the rear should not be left alone and with all their might to help those who are on the front .