Office safe

The case is an all-metal welded construction of hot-rolled sheet with a thickness of 2 mm, is equipped with elements of fastening in the bottom wall.

Door leaf is a prefabricated design containing two steel sheets 4 mm and 1 mm thick. The door leaf is connected to the case with two inner hinges.

Cover type – powder coating.

The design provides an internal compartment (trayzer) equipped with a separate lock.

Locking system – two steel bolts (diameter – 22 mm).

Door Locks:

  • safe “KS-206” (China);
  • Mauer safe deposit box (Germany);
  • lock on tracer – «EMKA 7418» (Germany).

The bottom of the safe is covered with carpet.

Depending on the modification, one- or two-door, with or without trays, with one or more adjustable shelves is made.

Additionally, they can be equipped with a mechanical combination lock “La Gard” (USA) or an electronic combination lock “NL Lock EM 2025”.