Model “Ametyst”

Model Ametyst – metal shockproof doors are designed to protect the rooms from burglaries and unauthorized intrusions. Steel sheet thickness of 1 mm and 4 ribs counteract the bending of the door leaf, resist shock loads and breaking by special tools: an ax, a crowbar, an electric drill etc.

“Ametyst” has an excellent heat and sound insulation due to the 78-mm thickness of the door leaf filled with French-made mineral wool. Fire resistance class EI 30 ensures long-term fire retardation and unhindered exit of people from the emergency room within 0.5 hours. Moderate price and good quality are harmoniously combined in this model. Entrance doors “Ametyst” are installed in apartments, private houses, shops, business centers, catering establishments, offices, public institutions etc. In the middle of 50 variants of color design and 80 types of patterns, easily find the doors that fit your interior.